Life at the SETI Institute

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By Dr. Cynthia Phillips Planetary geologist at the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, SETI Institute Jupiter’s moon Europa could be the best place beyond the Earth to search for life. This small moon, about the size of Earth’s Moon, is one of the Galilean moons first discovered 400 years…

Frank Drake: First Contact

In a recent conversation with SETI Institute Trustee, Dr. Frank Drake, we discussed the last 50 years of SETI research. Watch as Frank, for the very first time, describes his experience when he believed he discovered a sign of intelligent life in the universe!

Why do We Explore?

by Nathalie A. Cabrol I realize how immodest the title of this first blog may sound and it is certainly not my intention to convince anybody that I will answer this question in the limited space allowed here or even in a lifetime. My hope is, instead, to stir thoughts and invite an exchange of…