Hominin Dental Anthropology

i-31f64ac2c0b45bfebcab252df6cecdb8-jason.jpgI would recommend Jason Fox’s blog simply for the weight of its name: Hominin Dental Anthropology. That is so heavy metal. But it’s also tagged “atheism, Teeth, Anthropology, bones, Paleoanthropology, dentition, bioarchaeology, osteology, paleopathology” on Technorati. And it’s a readable mix of these subjects along with linguistics and more whimsical and personal pieces. So check him out and comment away! The only things Jason seems not to have learned yet is to use pics and to market his blog. Jason, I want to see your skinny ass on the next Four Stone Hearth. And I want you to host one ASAP after that.


  1. #1 Jason Fox
    February 24, 2007

    It shall be done, master. I was going through my e-mails just now and saw this title in my list and I was like, “Oh, God” and then the cut was just hilarious. All I saw in the e-mail was “Jason, I want to see your skinny ass on the next Four Stone Hearth.” That surely catches my attention.

  2. #2 Martin R
    February 24, 2007

    Good to know you’re paying attention. (-;

    Welcome to Aardvarchaeology!

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