Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza

i-5740d3b4cc28599ad080bc1de899ff03-leprechaun.gifDear Reader, you no doubt have a skewed and seasick perspective on Stockholm, Sweden, from too much of my blogging. What you need is a blog written from Stockholm by a humorous, skeptical Irishman.

This genre is of course quite the jungle, with more blogs than anyone can reasonably attempt to evaluate. But take it from me: the one you want to read is Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza. Another really good blogger who just needs to learn to illustrate and market his writing.


  1. #1 paddy
    February 26, 2007

    You are far too kind – I will shamelessly plug your blog in the future, I promise! And tips about illustrating and marketing my writing…please tell! If I dress up as a leprechaun and show my ass, do you think that will help..?

  2. #2 Martin R
    February 26, 2007

    Illustrating is easy: just use Google’s image search for whatever an entry is about.

    Marketing takes a little more work. Here’s the three most effective methods I know of.

    * Comment intelligently on high-traffic blogs and include pertinent links to your own writing.

    * Host popular blog carnivals and ask high-traffic bloggers to link to your carnival. I believe the one closest to your interests would be the Skeptics’ Circle.

    * Submit blog entries to popular blog carnivals.

    As for showing yer arse, I haven’t tried that, but I will soon post a pic of my new undies.

  3. #3 sonya
    March 17, 2008

    Happy Saint Patricks DAY

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