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The Department of Archaeology at the University of Gothenburg recently published a nice little book written in Swedish by the seasoned contract archaeologist Marianne Lönn: Uppdragsarkeologi och forskning, “contract archaeology and research”. Lönn’s main theses are:

Viking Period Barrow Report On-Line

As detailed before (here and here) I did a trial dig with friends in an undated great barrow near Sjögestad church in Östergötland last September. We secured samples that allowed radiocarbon dating to the Early Viking Period (9th century) and the identification of several plant species in small hearths that had been lit on the…

Style II Disc Brooch

The great Birger Nerman used to say that the best archaeological finds are made in museum stores. Here’s an example.

Rosie Lugosi at the Hootchy Kootchy Club

Last night my wife and I celebrated the Chinese New Year with friends. First we had an Asian buffet and a few hours of raucous karaoke, then we went to the Hootchy Kootchy Club (their spelling, not mine…). The HK Club is a recurring cabaret and party in central Stockholm. The theme is nebulously defined…

Star Wars Lego Girls

My 8-year old son is, like myself at that age, a big Star Wars fan. But his road to the stories has been more complicated than mine. Much of what he knows about them comes from a computer game version where everything is for some reason visualised as built out of legos. So he asks…

Nuke Power May Be OK For A While More

A few days of vigorous debate here has changed my views on the energy production and environment issue. I now believe we should do the following to improve our slim chances of saving civilisation and the environment.

Pan’s Labyrinth

A few words about the Spanish fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s extremely pretty, well made and finely acted. It’s very violent, enough to gross me out, and unsuitable for anyone under the age of 20. The plot is driven entirely by the pointless cruelty of a psychopath. Pan’s Labyrinth is thus a story of pointless…

History Carnival 48

It’s high time for a first History Carnival here at ScienceBlogs. Science is the systematic study of source material to find out what the world is like or has been like. If a scientist’s source material is written matter and pictures and her questions are about what people’s lives were like in the past, then…

Jack Bixby, Skeptical Investigator

The 54th Skeptics’ Circle blog carnival is up at Action Skeptics. Akusai has put some serious work into it this time, weaving a hard-boiled tale of Jack Bixby, Skeptical Investigator around the submissions. Is that a gun in your pocket, Akusai, or should I be skeptical?

I’m an archaeologist and I see things in the long perspective. Let me offer you a suggestion. The CO2, greenhouse effect, climate issue is no cause for concern compared to the issue of radioactive waste.