R.U. Sirius Show Turns 100

i-b01159603699d97c2032c85a94cd262e-rusirius-badge.jpgAnother one of my favourite podcasts hits 100 instalments: the R.U. Sirius show. It’s cyber-counterculture talk radio with ample references to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, but done in a geeky, distinctly literate manner. R.U. Sirius himself used to be the editor of seminal cyber-mag Mondo 2000 back in the day, and is now an elder statesman on the trippy fringe of technology. By his own admission, he likes to spend a Sunday afternoon reading a thick book while stoned, and him and his posse of witty co-chatterers are a delight to hear.

Among recent guests on the show we find security expert Bruce Schneier, sexpert and anthologist Suzie Bright, science fiction author and copyleft activist Cory Doctorow, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, comedian Will Franken and retired U.S. military psychedelics researcher James Ketchum.

The R.U. Sirius show is good, smart, addled leftie fun. Turn on your computer, tune in the podcast feed, and don’t let the earbuds of your mp3 player drop out.

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