Hoary Oaks on Heathen Barrow


This entry was first published over the cell-phone network on my old site, without pix, on Friday 13 April.

I write this sitting on a rock outcrop just east of the great barrow of Disevid in Heda parish. It brandishes four great old oaks at me as it sits across a little marsh with a small stream running through. Sunshine, lark song, some wind and the low growl of a diesel motor in the distance.

Theres Grönqvist is on my detector today, and with few finds there is little for me to slap GPS coordinates on. The barrow is one of the largest in the province and undated, which is why we are here. I’d like to trial-trench the barrow for radiocarbon, and to provide context I’d like to know what’s under the surrounding fields. Metalwise, not much, it seems after 9 person-hours. (Nor did it after 13.)


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    April 17, 2007

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