Read Thou Daryl Gregory

i-8436793c18400f9a06d4ab51eb1ff295-DjgAtCabin.jpgDaryl Gregory’s short fiction is quite remarkable. For the two past years, he’s managed to top both the Hartwell & Kramer and the Dozois Year’s Best anthologies with “Second Person, Present Tense” and “Damascus”. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun by saying too much about the stories: just that they are science fiction stories about neuropsychology. One about the neurological basis of selfhood, the other about the neurological basis of religious epiphany. Gregory is a materialist and a skeptic, my kind of guy, and he’s also a fine stylist with great psychological insight.

Check out the man’s web site: there’s a lot of e-text there, and also a blog. Gregory’s first novel is due out in 2008, and chances are he’ll become huge. Read him now and you’ll be able to say that you were down with him from the start.

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