Beachcombing the Shores of Time

Over at my buddy Frans-Arne’s blog Arkeologi i Nord I found a great quotation from Norwegian archaeologist and anti-Nazi politician Anton Wilhelm Brøgger (1884-1951):

“Det vi vet er så uendelig lite mot det som er hendt. Arkeologen er som den som går langs en strand og finner småtterier, skyllet i land fra et forsvunnet skib. Men selve skibet som gikk i dypet med menneskene får han aldri se.”

“What we know is infinitely little compared to what once happened. The archaeologist is like one who walks along the shore and finds little bits and pieces, flotsam from a lost ship. But the ship that sank with all the people, he never gets to see that.”


  1. #1 Helblindi
    July 18, 2007

    Nicely said, and applies equally well to all diachronic endeavour.

  2. #2 Mary
    July 20, 2007

    y’all such poets.

  3. #3 Lisl Armstrong
    February 25, 2009


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