Anthro Blog Carnival

The twentyfirst Four Stone Hearth blog carnival is on-line at Archaeolog. Check it out! Archaeology and anthropology to make you squeal and titter with delight.

There’s an open hosting slot on 26 September 10 October and further ones later in the fall. All bloggers with an interest in the subject are welcome to volunteer to me.


  1. #1 paddy
    August 16, 2007

    Say, could I take the September 26 slot? I’m no expert, but I’ve read quite a few popular science books in my time…

    And I could even throw in some penis jokes.

  2. #2 Martin R
    August 16, 2007

    You’re on!

  3. #3 paddy
    August 16, 2007

    OK, cool: I’ll write it down, but maybe you could send me a reminder in a few weeks, just to be sure I’m on the job.

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