Going to Trondheim

Almost half of Aard‘s Dear Readers are based in the US, nearly a fourth are in Sweden, and the remaining fourth is dominated by people in the UK, Canada and Australia. Alas, the citizens of my Scandy neighbouring countries show very little interest in the blog, and so I don’t know if I have any readers in the Norwegian city of Trondheim.

I’m going to be in Trondheim from 1 to 6 September for this year’s Sachsensymposium. It’s the main conference for archaeologists working with post-Roman, pre-Viking Northern Europe, and I will be accompanied by Professor Steve Steve. If you’re in Trondheim and feel like meeting me or Prof. Steve over a cup or glass or flagon of something or other, then please drop me a line!


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    August 24, 2007

    Your sums can’t be right – there are only 24 of us, and I’m in Finland.

    Well, except that I’m in Uppsala at the moment. And Gotland next week.

    But if you find yourself in Helsinki in the future…


  2. #2 Martin R
    August 24, 2007

    Sure thang, next time I come over, let’s have dinner at a ravintola, perkele!

  3. #3 Lars L
    August 24, 2007

    Every time I read or hear the name Finland the Monty Python tune strts playing in my head… “Finland, Finland, Finland, is the country where I want to be, eating breakfest and dinner, watching TV…:”

  4. #4 Rikard
    August 24, 2007

    I don’t know if you guys read The Believer and in particular Nick Hornby’s brilliant column there, but this thread and the comment by Bob O’H sure reminds me of that.

    (Why am I writing this? Maybe so I can win the trip to Cambridge…)

  5. #5 mugabe
    August 25, 2007

    The world shines as I cross the Morokulien line
    Going to Norway

  6. #6 Martin R
    August 25, 2007

    90s Norwegian death metal again? (-;

  7. #7 kai
    August 25, 2007

    Will the hairy professor be passing Stockholm at some point? Both I and the Only-begotten Daughter would love to meet him.

  8. #8 Martin R
    August 25, 2007


  9. #9 mugabe
    August 25, 2007

    The Mountain Goats, actually. One of my favourite song lyrics ever. Their album Sweden is probably as close to being Norwegian as they’ll get, BTW.

  10. #10 Thinker
    August 27, 2007

    Every time I read or hear the name Finland the Monty Python tune strts playing in my head…

    So, Martin, I reckon you’re pining for the fjords?

    That aside, might it be time for another Stockholm blogmeet? Perhaps we could hear if somebody is visiting from abroad and make it an occasion?

  11. #11 Martin R
    August 27, 2007

    Yeah, definitely time for a blogmeet. Me and Paddy K talked about it just the other day.

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