Boat Under Ex-Pub Awaits Excavation

Here’s a story kindly brough to my attention by Tegumai, Paddy, Hans and Ian Joe (am I forgetting anyone?). Pub in Wirral near Liverpool is torn down in 1938 to make room for a car park. Buried wooden boat is found by demolition men, who are ordered to keep quiet and cover it up. Nottingham archaeologist Stephen Harding hears the rumour and locates the wreck with ground-penetrating radar, hopes to excavate it, suggests that it has Scandy traits, hopes for Viking Period date. There’s little info so far, but I look forward to learning what kind of vessel they’ve got there!


  1. #1 Blob
    September 12, 2007

    Latitude: 53.4012° Longitude: -3.15911°

  2. #2 esben
    September 12, 2007

    Hey Martin – I am working on a research project that is sort of related to this “finding boats” topic. Check it out:

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