Tangled Bank 96 – Toadally


Hey everyone, and welcome to the 96th Tangled Bank blog carnival! This is where you can toadally catch up with the best recent blog writing on the life sciences.



  • Charles at Science and Reason discusses FoxO transcription factors that affect genes related to cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, longevity, and embryonic development.

  • The Bad Idea Blog reports on new findings about the early evolution of the RNA-protein complex.
  • Ian at Mystery Rays from Outer Space tells us that clams have herpes. But do they have crabs?



General Science-Related

The 97th Tangled Bank will come on-line at The Inoculated Mind on 23 January. Don’t forget to submit good stuff — your own or others’.


  1. #1 Bad
    January 10, 2008

    I am always, ALWAYS up for the evolution of barnacles and the work of the late great Alan J. Southward. Bravissimo!

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