Dream Blogging


I hardly ever remember my dreams. When waking and then going back to sleep, like on a Saturday morning, I can however sometimes bring back fragments into the real world.

This morning I dreamed that we were moving to a new apartment in an unfamiliar area that was apparently not far from where we live now. The apartment swap took place one object at a time: I would carry a lamp over to the new place, and the bearded guy who lived there would come walking the other way with a potted plant. It was after dark. Asphalt, fluorescent street lights, passing the front of a grocery store.

I had no idea that I was dreaming. I made a mental note to myself that moving houses was a blogworthy subject. And so, with this entry, I’m fulfilling the plan my dream-self made.

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  1. #1 paddy
    February 9, 2008

    Brilliant! Dreams are the most blog-worthy of subjects. I once wrote a song in a dream that was actually, upon waking, a quite reasonable song. I still remember it. Dream on!

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