Hayseed Dixie


Bluegrass music is rootsy acoustic proto-country. 70s heavy metal is bluesy electrified hard rock. Imagine what classic heavy metal songs would sound like if played by a bluegrass band — banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass… Imagine that. Imagine Hayseed Dixie!

This US quartet has released nine albums in the past eight years. The first one was all AC/DC covers — thus the name Hayseed Dixie. But they record a lot of their own material too, and they rock. Excellent stuff if you like bluegrass, or classic heavy metal, or both!

On Sunday 6 April, at 19:00 hours, the Hayseed Dixie will perform at my most conveniently located rock venue, Debaser Slussen. (Yes, whe have a rock club named after a Pixies song. That’s how cool we are.) Tickets can be had on-line at 165 kronor a pop. The following night, Monday 7 April, the band will play at Kulturbolaget in Malmö.

I’m gonna be at the Stockholm gig, hopefully accompanied by this hot chick I’ve been seeing a lot for the past nine years. Let’s make it an Aard blogmeet! Who’s coming? Hands in the air, please.

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  1. #1 kai
    March 31, 2008

    I’ll probably be going early to bed after working at IPMS Open all weekend, but have a good time the rest of you!

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