The thirty-eighth Four Stone Hearth blog carnival is on-line at A Very Remote Period Indeed. Archaeology and anthropology, and all seen in relation to the the Rice Track/Soccer Stadium in Houston, Texas.

The next open hosting slot is on 4 June. All bloggers with an interest in the subject are welcome to volunteer to me. No need to be an anthro pro. But you must be a trustee of the Rice Track/Soccer Stadium, like me.

And check out the new Skeptics’ Circle!


  1. #1 steppen wolf
    April 13, 2008

    And may I suggest..there is a new science carnival on the scene, the Molecular and Cell Biology Carnival. Check it out, submit your post, and become a host!

  2. #2 Barn Owl
    April 13, 2008

    What a strange cyber-place to see a photo from my undergrad alma mater!

    *has a flashback*

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