Don’t Miss the Geminids

Tonight the Geminid meteor shower peaks. My wife and I were out last night and saw loads, about one big fat shooting star a minute. Don’t miss the year’s best meteor shower! It’s because the Earth passes through the sandy exhaust trail of a comet. Tomorrow night will be good as well.


  1. #1 solid wood furniture
    December 14, 2009

    I also went out last night and saw some! It is my first time to see those and I was so amazed! I hope I can see a whole lot tonight.

  2. #2 Thinker
    December 15, 2009

    That would be great – let’s just hope it stops snowing and clears up…

  3. #3 Jonathan Jarrett
    December 17, 2009

    Dammit, Cambridge, stop raining a minute!

  4. #4 Moriarte
    November 21, 2010

    The Geminids are a great meteor storm to end the year…amazing seeing so many different colours, too!

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