Heavy Blinkers

Lately I’ve been listening to Canadian 90s/00s orchestral popsters the Heavy Blinkers. Here’s a fine song off of their ’02 album Better Weather, “I Used to Be a Design”. I actually prefer this live version since its production is scaled down and Ruth Minnikin’s vocals are heavily processed on the album version. The band performing here has since disintegrated, with the female lead singer going on to head Ruth Minnikin and Her Bandwagon, a folky outfit that will have a new album out any day now.


  1. #1 Jeremy
    February 18, 2010

    Nice blog! By the way, the Heavy Blinkers will be releasing a new album ( a double album entitled “Health”) sometime in March.

  2. #2 Jeremy
    February 2, 2011

    Well, it is now Feb 2011 and no Blinkers album. Sorry about that! Hopefully it will be released sometime this year. The world could sure use a little “HEALTH”

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