2010 Enlightener & Obscurantist Awards


The Swedish Skeptics’ annual awards for 2010 were just announced.

Åsa Vilbäck, MD, receives the Enlightener of the Year award,

“… who has described diseases and treatments in an unbiased and informative manner on her TV show Dr. Åsa on Swedish state television. By upholding a good popular science standard on her show, Åsa Vilbäck has emphasised clearly the importance of evidence-based medicine. She has also warned viewers of dangerous alternative medical methods.”

Enlightener Vilbäck receives a cash prize of SEK 25 000 ($3700, €2800).

The Stockholm Initiative lobby group receives the Obscurantist of the Year anti-award, as it

“… mainly works to deny the state of scientific knowledge in climate science, promote home-made and often contradictory theories about how climate ‘actually’ works, disseminate conspiracy theories and relay unsubstantiated rumours and unfounded accusations against climate scientists.”

See Sundsvalls Tidning, Nerikes Allehanda, Norran, Dagens Medicin. I will add links to more coverage as I find them.

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  1. #1 Robert
    December 28, 2010

    Just a quick note to minimize the confusion (“Did that Dahlqvist quack receive the obsc-award again?”)

    The page http://www.vof.se/visa-folkbildare hasn’t been updated since 2009, the press release for 2010 is on the front page, http://www.vof.se/

  2. #2 Martin R
    December 28, 2010

    The page has been updated.

  3. #3 codero
    December 30, 2010

    Enlightenment rears its pretty head!

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