New Archaeopottery by Pablo Zalama


I’ve shown samples of Spanish archaeopotter Pablo Zalama’s Beaker Culture pieces before. Here are some new replica Roman lamps of his.


If only Swedish pottery had been this good prior to the High Middle Ages! OK, the burnished ware of Öland and Gotland in the Early Roman Period is good. And some of the stamped ware of Gotland’s Migration Period isn’t bad either. But when I read Thomas Eriksson’s recent & solid PhD thesis on our Bronze Age and Earliest Iron Age pottery, I almost wept at how ugly and poorly fired the stuff is.



  1. #1 Richard Davies
    March 5, 2011

    Wow they are impressive. I am constantly in awe of people who can reconstruct ancient technologies so well (personally I consider myself lucky if I can make any technology better than something resembling lithic waste flakes).

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