On My Mind, Sunday


  • I’m a single dad now for two weeks while my wife’s in China shooting interviews for a documentary series.
  • Aard’s been getting a lot of comment spam lately, and the filter isn’t working properly, so I’ve turned on comment moderation.
  • After digging in that cave I did four hours of metal detecting at the Lilla Härnevi hoard site because it has been ploughed and harrowed since April when we were there in force. Only one semi-worthwhile metal find: one of those fyrk coins of Queen Christina’s. Also two pieces of knapped imported flint, and Magdalena found a grindstone. No hoard bits.
  • I bought two LED lamps for the cave dig. When I put batteries into one of them it emitted a puff of smoke smelling of burnt circuitry. Never seen AA batteries do that before. The other lamp worked though.
  • 8-y-o Juniorette held her own against three adults at Hansa and Acquire yesterday.
  • Finished reading Erik Davis’s 2010 essay collection Nomad Codes last night. He’s a materialist who’s into non-believing spirituality and hallucinogenic drugs and who writes really well. Some really good stuff in there, despite (or thanks to) his alien world of thought!
  • I find that Twitter (follow me there) is robbing the blog of short entries. Below are some recent tweets.
  • Took the Beatles 3 yrs from “She loves you yeah yeah yeah” to “Lay down all thought, surrender to the void, it is shining”.
  • As an archaeologist, I dig while William Burroughs.
  • Are self-torturing Indian holy men sadhu-masochists?
  • You could prepare for a zombie walk by burying a set of clothes together with some pork for a year.
  • Visby house for sale with in situ Medieval burial under glass in basement.

What’s on your mind, Dear Reader?


  1. #1 Birger Johansson
    August 28, 2011

    “You could prepare for a zombie walk by burying a set of clothes together with some pork for a year.”

    A good opportunity to try this:
    “Microbiologist discovers new super-preservative” http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-08-microbiologist-super-preservative.html
    Track down the spammers and you can substitute Long Pig for pork at the zombie walk.

    “8-y-o Juniorette held her own against three adults at Hansa and Acquire yesterday.”
    But did she drag their bodies back home? My four-legged ones are irritating that way.
    Damn, missed the latest episode of Dexter.

    “Saudi find shows horses used 9,000 years ago” http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-08-saudi-horses-years.html
    This is when Sahel extended 1000km further north, and a bigger part of the Arabian peninsula was fertile.
    Yours Birger J.

    PS. I thought Magdalena was an era.

  2. #2 Birger Johansson
    August 28, 2011

    This weekend, Swedish journalists revealed that IKEA founder and owner was more than “just a bit” pro-Nazi during WWII.
    And here is more nausea-inducing reporting, just to put you in a frame for Monday:
    “When murderers do your propaganda” http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/28/1011325/-When-murderers-do-your-propaganda-?via=spotlight

  3. #3 nick williams
    August 29, 2011

    As an archaeologist, I dig while William Burroughs.

    very good!

  4. #4 Martin R
    August 29, 2011

    Thank you Sir! I wondered if I should’ve made that “… like William Burroughs”.

  5. #5 Birger Johansson
    August 30, 2011

    (OT) 2,000-year-old burial box could reveal location of the family of Caiaphas

    The method they use to authenticate the box and inscriptions is interesting.

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