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Speaking Schedule Oct/Nov

Wednesday 5 Oct. 17:00. About Fisksätra before the 1970s housing development. Fisksätra shopping centre, HAMN project office. Thursday 13 Oct. 10:00. About Bronze Age sacrificial sites. Uppsala, Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3, Dept of Archaeology. Monday 17 Oct. 18:30. About pseudoarchaeology. Stockholm, KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 5, lecture hall D2, Swedish Skeptics. Thursday 27 Oct. 14:00. About the…

Boardgaming Retreat

My buddy Oscar doesn’t like roughing it at gaming conventions, sleeping on classroom floors, eating cup noodles etc. So for two years now he’s organised civilised boardgaming weekends where he’s gotten a bunch of gamers together and booked a small hotel for us (here’s about last year’s). It’s 48 hours of gaming in good company…

Modelling the New Aard Shirts

Miskatonic School for Girls

So yeah, Kickstarter now offers you the opportunity to back a card game set in a Lovecraftian girl school. Via Kenneth Hite.

Tonight A Demon Came Into My Head

Blues & metal fans, take note. The album you need to get right now is Hisingen Blues by Swedish sensations Graveyard. And check out the Aardvarchaeology Merchandise Store!

Friday was quite a day for me: wake up at 5 after a restless night, travel by air, give test lecture, get praised beyond belief, eat excellent mutton & cabbage, do very friendly interview, become optimistic, meet up with local skeptical buddy, return home. Then a metal gig headlined by Graveyard, whose stellar new album…