Mike Carey Writes Well

Aard super-regular Birger Johansson very kindly sent me a bunch of supernatural detective novels by Mike Carey, the Felix Castor series. I’m on the second one now (from 2006) and enjoying it a lot. The stories are a bit too long and meandering for my taste, but I love Carey’s dry wit and fine grasp of the language. I’m pretty sure he’s studied Raymond Chandler carefully. Have a look at these bits as a sample:

“Meanwhile, three miles away at the Scrubs, Saint Michael’s church was invaded by some entity so powerful that just being close to it poisoned the minds and souls of everyone in the goddamn building, sending them off on murderous trajectories that had sliced through the city like so many loops of piano wire through a ripe cheese.” Vicious Circle, p. 294

“The sky was darkening fast: too fast for spring. It was like a night that should have drained away a long time ago but had clogged the sinkholes of eternity and now was backing up into the daylight. Either that, or I’d just slept for longer than I thought.” Vicious Circle, p. 302


  1. #1 Akhôrahil
    April 5, 2012

    Mike Carey’s ‘The Unwritten’ is pretty much the best ongoing comic published today.

    (Not that ‘Lucifer’ was bad, but this is better.)

  2. #2 Martin R
    April 5, 2012

    Funny, I heard The Unwritten being praised on Starship Sofa the other day, but I didn’t pick up on Carey being mentioned.

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