On My Mind Right Now

  • My landscape students in Växjö did extremely well on the exam: 79% passed with distinction. And they were extremely kind in their evaluation of the course, which took place before the exam.

  • I’ve been put in charge of an on-line course in upplevelseproduktion, tourist site production, and so will spend the entire academic year of ’12/13 as an employee of the Linnæus University at 20-25% of full time. Yay!
  • My buddy Martin is sending me the manuscript of his new novel for test reading.
  • Fornvännen’s autumn issue just came from the printers with a lot of good stuff, and we’re handing the winter issue to the graphic designer next week. Same with Folkvett. Fornvännen’s spring issue for 2012 will soon appear on-line.
  • I’m a guest rogue, gästkanalje, on the next episode of the Kvack podcast.
  • Helping my mom getting the boat out of the water tomorrow at her summer house.
  • Jan Apel very kindly gave me his flint dagger database and I have identified five or six daggers that were deposited in lakes during the Early Bronze Age in my study area.
  • Christina Fredengren and I have decided to publish our studies of Bronze Age deposition in a co-written book.
  • I’ve received 10 kg of elk meat from Stensjö as an employment benefit from the Royal Academy of Letters. I’m also buying a free-range lamb from Borg, another of the Academy’s properties.

What’s on your mind right now, Dear Reader?


  1. #1 Bob Carlson
    October 19, 2012

    Regarding the meat, what Swedes call elk, Americans and Canadians call moose. In fact, I found a photo of a drunk moose that gotten stuck in an apple tree near Gothenburg. Perhaps she had been celebrating moose name day.

  2. #2 Thomas Ivarsson
    October 20, 2012

    *I am moving to a larger flat in the same housing association.
    *The summer returned here in southern Scania with two days with temperature between 18-20 C.
    *These months coming up with less daylight than night. It is a horrible time of the year.
    *I have some prepared spots for amateur field observations of archeology here in Scania as soon as the soil freeze

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