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Snow Boa

Stockholm, Karlavägen, 20 December 2010.

Shrinking City

Check out Yves Marchand’s and Romain Meffre’s poignantly beautiful photographs of abandoned buildings in Detroit! Explains Wikipedia, Detroit has numerous neighborhoods suffering from urban decay, consisting of vacant properties resulting in low inhabited density, stretching city services and infrastructure. These neighborhoods are concentrated in the northeast and on the city’s fringes. The 2009 residential lot…

Weekend Fun

Sunset seen to the NW from the birthday party Made huntun (wonton) with my wife & kids, “good to eat and fun to make”, as the song about cookies that Junior likes goes. Watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with wife & son. It’s a mid-quality Terry Gilliam film, better than the dreary Brothers Grimm…

Kvarsebo Car Ferry

I rode the Kvarsebo Car Ferry twice yesterday.

Ford of the Hind

The dams in River Eskilstunaån at Hyndevad regulate the water level in Lake Hjälmaren. Around 1880 when they were built, and the lake lowered, the river bed was temporarily laid dry. A major prehistoric sacrificial site was discovered, and luckily geologist Otto Gumaelius was there to document it. (He used the finds to date events…

Riverside Walk

A springtime walk along River Nyköpingsån from Täckhammar bridge to Lake Långhalsen. [More blog entries about beavers, photography, rivers; bävrar, foto, floder, Nyköping.]

Landscape Archaeology, Muddy Boots

In front, a boulder upon which I found cupmarks. Behind, a Bronze Age burnt mound consisting of fire-cracked stones. In order to study the landscape situation of something you need to know precisely where it is. This poses a problem when it comes to Bronze Age sacrificial finds, because they are almost never made by…

Scilla siberica

Spring is coming slowly, but it’s finally coming. These squills have been awakened by heat radiating from our house, but still they reach for the sun. In other news, Discover Magazine continues to buy over top Sb bloggers, and I have finally learned the story behind the state of Oklahoma’s weird panhandled outline. Briefly put,…

Been Shoveling Snow

Sunday, 07:53 Sunday, 11:13


Great flocks of fieldfares (Turdus pilaris, björktrast) are hanging around Boat Hill, feeding off the frozen parkland rowan berries instead of migrating. They’re so ruffled up against the cold that they’re hardly recognisable as the streamlined summer birds we’re used to. Their cousins the blackbirds sit alone like big black apples here and there in…