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Been Shoveling Snow

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Great flocks of fieldfares (Turdus pilaris, björktrast) are hanging around Boat Hill, feeding off the frozen parkland rowan berries instead of migrating. They’re so ruffled up against the cold that they’re hardly recognisable as the streamlined summer birds we’re used to. Their cousins the blackbirds sit alone like big black apples here and there in…

Rowan Trees

Frost on rowan trees in Fisksätra at sun-up on New Year’s Day. (Note the blackbird.) [More blog entries about photography, trees; foto, träd, nacka.]

Winter Comes to Baggensfjärden

Before lunch yesterday I took a walk and listened to Planetary Radio. And I mused, as so often, that I am very lucky to be living and working on the inner margin of the Stockholm archipelago. The picture below is the view from my office window. (Sorry about the phone camera.)

Sunlight on Frost

[More blog entries about photography, frost; foto, frost.] More pix below the fold!

Weekend Fun at the Manor

[More blog entries about Sweden, photography, manor; Närke, Askersund, foto, herrgård.] I was headed for a lonely November weekend with wife & daughter abroad and son with his mom. So I rounded up three friends (though Paddy K was kept from coming along at the last minute by a big meltdown at work), loaded my…

October Drizzle

October drizzle can be quite photogenic in my part of the world. Here’s a view from the bridge to Fisksätra holme. (I just discovered Pixlr, an excellent free on-line image editor that runs in your browser.)

Badger Carcass, Stunted Corn Cob

Psychedelic Circus

Somebody calls you and you answer quite slowly: a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Swiss Auto Graveyard

From Aard regular CCBC, a heritage management conundrum to ponder. This is a curious situation that I heard about on I have included some of the links. Near Kaufdorf, Switzerland there is an auto junkyard that was in use from the 1930s to 1970. It has become overgrown with various forest flora and people…