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Carnivalesque 27

[More blog entries about history, carnival, ancient, classics, medieval, middleages; historia, antiken, medeltiden, klassisk.] Welcome, everyone, to Aardvarchaeology and the 27th Carnivalesque blog carnival! Aard is a blog about archaeology and skepticism and stuff, hosted here at ScienceBlogs among a bunch of natural-science blogs, most covering the life sciences. Carnivalesque deals in Ancient, Medieval and…

Dear skeptical Reader, welcome to Aardvarchaeology and the 57nd Skeptics’ Circle blog carnival! I used to blog at Salto sobrius, and now Aard offers the same salad of archaeology, skepticism, books, music and general psychedelic whimsy. We’ve got some really good stuff on the carnival this time.

Four Stone Hearth 11

It’s a posthole! It’s a rubbish pit! It’s an elk-trapping pit with the remains of a wooden catch box at the bottom! No — it’s a hearth. A Four Stone Hearth! The eleventh carnival in the series, to be precise. And it’s all about humans. As the poet put it, “Now I’m the king of…

Carnival of the Godless 59

Dear Cultists, welcome to the Temple of Godlessness that is Aardvarchaeology. I will be your High Priest this evening, introducing the latest and greatest blog writing on the subject of Above Us Only Sky. Sisters and brothers, let us pray.

Four Stone Hearth 7

Dear Reader, welcome to the Four Stone Hearth blog carnival — in science land! 4SH is about anthropology in the widest (American) sense: nothing human is alien to us, from Homo habilis bones via Early Medieval metalworking debris to on-line gaming subcultures.