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Toxic Dump Too Close For Comfort

I’ve known for some time from the local papers that the site of the old Tollare paper mill is badly polluted. It’s only 1.6 km from my home, on the opposite shore of the Lännerstasundet inlet (one of the main historic shipping routes into Lake Mälaren). A couple of years ago, a large area in…

Passenger Flight Needs to be Heavily Taxed

For a Swede, I believe I have an unusually small environmental footprint as my income is low and my habits relatively ascetic. But compared to most people in the world, anyone with half my standard of living is of course a huge culprit. The only thing I might brag about is having relatively few children,…

Nuke Power May Be OK For A While More

A few days of vigorous debate here has changed my views on the energy production and environment issue. I now believe we should do the following to improve our slim chances of saving civilisation and the environment.

I’m an archaeologist and I see things in the long perspective. Let me offer you a suggestion. The CO2, greenhouse effect, climate issue is no cause for concern compared to the issue of radioactive waste.