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Stockholm Film Festival 2014

Before this month I’d never attended a film festival in any concerted way. But I was inspired by Ken & Robin’s podcast to do so, and got myself a membership card for the Stockholm Film Festival, 5–16 November. The festival’s excellent web site made it easy for me to choose which viewings to attend. And…

Riff-raff at the School for Vampires

I’ve found out about the spooky cartoon show my daughter watches that I wondered about, the one where one character looks just like Riff-raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s Die Schule der kleinen Vampire / School for Vampires, a co-production among Germany, Italy and Luxemburg. The Riff-raff look-alike is named Nestor (Lenny in…

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Via Luftwaffe Flak at

Banal Sex

One of H.P. Lovecraft’s least successful horror stories is “Medusa’s Coil“, a 1930 collaboration with Zealia Bishop. The story builds to one of the hideous final denouements that Lovecraft liked to end his stories with. Nor was it right that the neighbours should know that other horror which my strange host of the night could…

New Lovecraft Film Trailer

Here’s more info. Thanks to Asko for the heads-up!

Skiing Break

Last week was skiing break for my kids. I couldn’t find anywhere good to stay in the mountains, so we didn’t go off on holiday. Here’s what we did for fun instead. Dinner at the home of a Chinese friend. It was one of those no hablar parties that spouses in multi-ethnic marriages know all…

Avatar and the Gaia Hypothesis

[More blog entries about movies, avatar, tolkien, gaiahypothesis; film, avatar, tolkien, gaiahypotesen.] Today my mind was blown by James Cameron’s sf film Avatar in full-colour 3D. Some spoilers follow.

Office Boredom Art Video

From Birmingham art students Tanya Mircheva and Mihaela Calin, a clip about office-job boredom.

By Night He’s One Hell of a Lover

My wife and I watched the 2004 biopic Kinsey last night, about ground-breaking sexologist Alfred Kinsey. Good movie, good acting, interesting theme. And there’s an added perk for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. To the extent that the Kinsey movie has a villain, it’s Alfred Kinsey’s colleague, Thurman Rice. Professor Rice is an…

Mohammed Rafi Rules

A few years ago my friend David the Psychonaut gave me an mp3 file with the greatest song, “Jan Pehechan-Ho” by Mohammed Rafi. And now another friend, Tanya the Cosmopolite, links to the song’s over-the top Bollywood dance number, straight from the 1965 film Gumnaam. Awesome! (As per standard Bollywood procedure, Rafi himself isn’t in…