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Quaint Local Pronunciation

My boss at the Academy of Letters used to head the National Archives. Here’s a story he told over coffee the other day. Some decades ago a delegation of Swedish archivists was driving across the American Midwest to visit a Mormon microfilming facility. Stopping in a small town for lunch, they noticed that it had…

President Wilson Brought With Him Alien Gods

Mutual Support

Early 20th century, a newlywed couple celebrates their wedding night at a hotel. In the morning, the young man chivalrously pricks his finger with his pen knife and smears some blood on the bedsheet. 50 happy years later, the couple returns to the hotel to celebrate their anniversary. And in the morning, the woman can…

He’s Not Annoying

Juniorette: “So Thomas had his semla cream bun and he said he liked it, but later he threw up.” Me: “Thomas? Is he a new boy in your class? Haven’t heard of him before?” Juniorette: “No, he’s not annoying. Not very.”

Miskatonic School for Girls

So yeah, Kickstarter now offers you the opportunity to back a card game set in a Lovecraftian girl school. Via Kenneth Hite.

Friday was quite a day for me: wake up at 5 after a restless night, travel by air, give test lecture, get praised beyond belief, eat excellent mutton & cabbage, do very friendly interview, become optimistic, meet up with local skeptical buddy, return home. Then a metal gig headlined by Graveyard, whose stellar new album…

Hot Troll/Cow Action in Big One Magazine

Bamse magazine is one of Sweden’s most beloved childrens’ publications, with a readership mainly about age 10. Its title character’s name does mean “The Big One”. But still, I must say that I was as surprised as Bamse himself and the squirrel when I saw what that troll is doing with such glee to the…

On My Mind, Sunday

I’m a single dad now for two weeks while my wife’s in China shooting interviews for a documentary series. Aard’s been getting a lot of comment spam lately, and the filter isn’t working properly, so I’ve turned on comment moderation. After digging in that cave I did four hours of metal detecting at the Lilla…

With the Theme of Engrish

Fecal sample submission window.

Restaurant Engrish

“Lie Fallow” means “in your spare time, without a prior appointment” in Engrish. Everybody loves Engrish, the surreal dialect of English found on signs, in menus, on clothing etc. in the Far East. Much of it seems to stem from blind over-use of dictionaries, where the non-Anglophone user picks one of the possible translations of…