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Pitch-Perfect Pixies Homage

This musical style was invented by the Pixies in the mid 80s. Their early work was a main source of inspiration for Curt Cobain of Nirvana. Now Cage the Elephant have recreated the early Pixies style from its blueprints and written a song about Cobain’s birthplace in Washington state. I like it! In other rock…

Bizarre musical development. The drum and base genre of music was created when people turned up the tempo on drum machines to insane speeds. But this guy plays drum and base beats live! Ree-spect!

Soul Warrior

This past weekend the Swedish Skeptics celebrated our 30th anniversary with a two-day conference in Gothenburg. It included the annual business meeting of the society at which I was reelected as chairman for a second year. And at dinner, I sang a song about how I view my role in the society, and the Swedish…

Esoteric Order of Sherman

I’ve written before about the prolific and many-talented Norm Sherman: a podcaster, multi-instrumentalist, song writer, singer and comedian with a truly unique voice. Several unique voices actually, thanks to his ear for accents. He occupies a position in geek-orientated on-line music and podcasting similar to that of George Hrab, another one of my favourites. But…

Self-Referential Ethan Miller

I’ve been following Californian rock singer and guitarist Ethan Miller off and on since Comets on Fire‘s 2002 album Field Recordings from the Sun. I love his singing and psychedelic song writing. And so recently the song “Nomads” from the 2008 album Magnificent Fiend (with Miller’s current band Howlin’ Rain) has been playing in my…

Great Sesame Street Song

Somehow I suddenly remembered the Sesame Street album I loved when I was a kid, 1977’s Signs!. And sure enough, all the songs are on YouTube now!

Roy Zimmerman: You’re Getting Sleepy

I’ve been following Roy Zimmerman‘s output of musical satire since his 2004 album Faulty Intelligence, and I was certainly not disappointed by the recent You’re Getting Sleepy. The CD’s title is shared with the opening song and refers to the hypnosis that must be going on when half of the US electorate votes for the…

The Kinnardlys, “Easy Peasy”

This song is just irresistable. Check out The Kinnardlys’ web site. Thanks to the Spiel gaming podcast for the tip-off. Always good tunes between segments there!

In My Earbuds Lately

Here are some albums that I’ve been listening to lately. (The previous peek into my listening habits is from May 2010!) Daikaiju. Daikaiju. 2005. Virtuoso instrumental surf rock. Dungen. Skit i allt. 2010. Psychedelic 70s prog. Graveyard. Hisingen Blues. 2011. Bluesy and psychedelic 70s metal. Jobriath. Jobriath. 1973. Piano-heavy folk/glam rock. Jobriath. Creatures of the…

Tonight A Demon Came Into My Head

Blues & metal fans, take note. The album you need to get right now is Hisingen Blues by Swedish sensations Graveyard. And check out the Aardvarchaeology Merchandise Store!