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I Got A Uni Job

My professional goal since undergraduate days 20 years ago has been to divide my working hours between indoor research, fieldwork and teaching. And so I applied for my first academic job in June of 2003, shortly before my thesis defence. When I saw the list of applicants (this stuff is public in Sweden) and checked…

I read a recent report from the Swedish Institute of Futures Studies titled Humanisterna och framtidssamhället, “Humanities Scholars and Society in the Future” (freely available as a PDF). I found some but not too much of the usual unrealistic sloganeering about how useful the humanities are to society, and a lot of pretty sobering statistics.…

Nigerian T-Shirt Scam?

The t-shirt deal is starting to look like a Nigerian scam. The original offer was that I would get some free printed t-shirts from if I advertised about their site. Now have a load of this: Do you have an American credit card? … I know that you’re getting the sponsorship amount off your…

Ship Spotting

Last Wednesday this brig came past my mom’s summer house off Bullandö in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s the Eye of the Wind, built in 1911 at Brake in Lower Saxony and originally christened Friedrich. It’s featured in the 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon. Did you know that there’s actually a ship spotting web site?


Littering really annoys me, indoors, in the streets, in parks – and particularly in woods and wilderness. My whole family often collects bagfuls of garbage on walks or visits to the lake. I can’t understand the mind of a person who drops an ice cream wrapper on a forest trail, particularly one that they walk…

One Stupid Geocacher

Geocaching is a GPS-aided combination of hide the Easter egg and orienteering for internet nerds. I have logged >700 caches since 2005 and had lots of fun. Borås Tidning now reports about a not terribly thoughtful geocacher. He had placed a cache in a space locked with a combination lock. Part of the puzzle was…

First Dozen Years Together

2011 Having completed our first twelve years together today, my wonderful wife and I have agreed to go on for at least another dozen. 1999

What Are You Waiting For?

I’m waiting to hear about jobs I’ve applied for in Norway and the UK. I’m waiting for responses to a few funding applications. I’m waiting for the snow to melt and the start of fieldwork season. Dear Reader, what are you waiting for?

Lilac-Coloured Concrete Hogbacks

I don’t know about you, Dear Reader, but I think these lilac-coloured concrete hogbacks outside of the Nacka Forum mall’s rear entrance look extremely gay. As Azar Habib put it in his hit “Hatten Är Din”, Det tycker vi blir bögigt.

Octagonal Sauna

[More about architecture; arkitektur.] View from the west, 9 January. Back in November I blogged about how I helped put a roof on my dad’s octagonal sauna. A reader asked to see the plans of the building. And here, with my dad’s permission, are plans and elevations by architect Ulf Gillberg. Isn’t this pretty damn…