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Here’s a translation of one of my first brushes with absurdism, Swedish rocker Eddie Meduza’s 70s song “Va den grön så får du en ny” (original lyrics here with ugly popups). If It Was Green, Then I’ll Replace It By Eddie Meduza I’d bought myself a vacuum flask In a store down in Målilla It…

[More blog entries about psychedelic, fairground, carousel, zoo, Sweden; psykedelia, Eskilstuna, parkenzoo, karusell, zoo.] Invited by my wife’s employers we spent the day at Parken Zoo, a highly original amusement park outside Eskilstuna, an hour and a half by car from my country seat. Originally a Folkets Park (People’s Park) established by the victorious early…

Robert Schneider Talks & Sings

Here’s a charming interview with Apples in Stereo front man Robert Schneider, followed by him performing “Energy” from the new album. All courtesy of the Instant Talk Show. (Total clip length 9 minutes.)

Strawberry Parking Lot

Dear Reader — let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to the Strawberry Parking Lot. For the past century and a half, the naming of Swedish places has largely been taken out of the people’s hands and regulated by the authorities. New names of big important places are no longer negotiated organically among those…

Album Review: Dungen, Tio Bitar

Say “Swedish psychedelic rock” to a musically inclined foreigner, and chances are they’ll think of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, an excellent stonesy outfit from Gothenburg. But in New York, a few people who shop at Other Music may think of Dungen instead. Dungen (“the Grove”) combine psychedelic 70s prog rock with Swedish ethno, fiddle…

R.U. Sirius Show Turns 100

Another one of my favourite podcasts hits 100 instalments: the R.U. Sirius show. It’s cyber-counterculture talk radio with ample references to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, but done in a geeky, distinctly literate manner. R.U. Sirius himself used to be the editor of seminal cyber-mag Mondo 2000 back in the day, and is now an elder…

Melodic Psychedelia

I’ve made a long-overdue update to my psych-music web page. Have a look, lots of album recommendations! And I’m aware of new releases for myself to check out from the M Coast, Mars Volta, Minders and Of Montreal, so I guess I’ll be adding more stuff shortly.


I no longer listen much to the synth pop I loved in my teens. The artist that has perhaps dropped most dramatically in my affections is Jean-Michel Jarre, largely because I really dug him once. But I still listen to one of his albums with great pleasure: 1984’s Zoolook. This disc sounds as if the…

Sausage Skin Hat Episode

I just realised that the lyrics of this traditional Swedish children’s song read just like the recounting of a hallucinogen experience or a psychotic episode. Imagine a goggle-eyed grizzled old hippie buttonholing you at a vegetarian restaurant and forcing you, giggling, to listen to the story of his life-changing episode back in ’68.

Super Furry Archaeology

Gruff Rhys, front man of trippy Welsh popsters The Super Furry Animals, released his second solo album back in January, Candylion. (Here’s the promo site.) Its mellow quirky tunes will appeal to fans of the Furries. I particularly like the title track, “Beacon in the Darkness” and the hummable “The Court of King Arthur”.