A site after my own heart…

Via Pharyngula, I found this site: the Schoepenhauer Awards. Man, I’m in love. Not only do they profile the intestinal roundworm, but they also discuss the Tasmanian tiger (one of my favorite extinct animals); the candiru, a parasitic catfish that enters body openings you’d rather not think about; the scabies mite; and liver fluke.

Finally, they even have an entry on one of my favorite organisms, the human botfly.


  1. #1 M. L. Green
    March 11, 2006

    Yep….ain’t natural selection just great?

  2. #2 Tonyod
    March 13, 2006

    In the 1890’s a national park was created on Wilson’s promontory on the north shore of Bass Straight which separates Tasmania from the mainland. There is a story that several scientists realised that the Tassie Tiger was on the skids and introduced a number of Tigers to the new park on the mainland.
    There are numerous stories of a cryptozoological called the Wonthaggi monster which go back to at least the 50’s. My brother has seen a scrapbook which was put together by a retired editor of the local newspaper. ( my brother lives and works in the area )
    However most of the locals don’t give much away nowadays, due to being talked down to by zoologists and they don’t like people treking around causing havoc. But they do know the differeince between the way a fox eats a carcass and whatever else is eating things.