A bit busy today, so I’ll direct you elsewhere for some good reading.

First, afarensis is thinking about re-naming his blog Aetiology Jr. after writing another post on bacterial meta-genomics in the sea; Mike discusses the Republican War on Epidemiology; John has more about the candiru I mentioned here, and Joseph revisits probiotics.

Second, as mentioned, an appeal. Some of you who are Panda’s Thumb readers may remember this post from November, mentioning the death of Allan Glenn (aka “WinAce” from Wonderful World of WinAce). If you’ve not seen that site before, check it out–it’s become an internet classic, and his organisms that look designed spoof and fallacy pics are ones that come up repeatedly in online E/C discussions. Allan died of cystic fibrosis, and his fiancee Jessica is doing the Great Strides fundraiser next month in memory of Allan. If you’ve been amused by Allan’s humor or used some of his pics, please consider donating a few bucks in his memory (or if you’re in the Chapel Hill area, perhaps walking on Jessica’s team). Thanks.


  1. #1 coturnix
    March 13, 2006

    Hey, I may go and walk on her team! I have to check the date – I hope I am not teaching on that day!