Saturday roundup

More topics I’d have liked to discuss, given the time…

The Vigil after Dover. A free public forum, May 17, 2006 8 PM EST at The Florida State University College of Medicine Auditorium. Featuring Eugenie Scott, Michael Ruse, John Haught, Robert Pennock, and others, it will apparently be broadcast live as well.

An article on “Europe’s unknown viral nasties”, discussing the importance of surveillance (especially at the animal-human interface) to help detect emerging infectious agents.

Discussion of a new study that chipmunks and acorns hold the key to forecasting Lyme disease:

The abundance of infected ticks in any given Lyme disease season strongly correlated with mouse and chipmunk populations the year before and acorn abundance 2 years prior, the team reports in the June issue PLoS Biology.

Rather short this week, since I was swamped with lab work, lectures, and meetings and didn’t have as much time to read the lit and find interesting topics to write about.

In addition, some reminders:

Don’t forget to check out Seed’s writing contest–entries are due June 30.

The next edition of Animalcules will be hosted here this coming Thursday–send your entries to me (aetiology AT gmail DOT com) by Wednesday evening. I’m also looking for future hosts, so drop me a line if you’d be interested in that as well.