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New Skeptics’ circle

Find it over at Skeptico; it’s been taken over by Skeptico’s doppleganger. Hilarity ensues.

Chikungunya update

I feel a bit guilty. I still get occasional comments on this post about the outbreak of chikungunya on several islands in the Indian Ocean. Since I’m obviously not involved in the actual outbreak investigation, all I have to offer is news reported elsewhere–and it’s not exactly been a landslide of information. However, Nature does…

In the field

Are we always sticking swabs up animals’ asses? Why, yes we are. (More below the fold)

Tangled Bank #54

Bora has a giant new Tangled Bank over at Science and Politics. He included 4 of my recent entries (*cough* check’s in the mail *cough*) and there are tons of others that look interesting, so check it out. He also took this opportunity to announce that he’ll be joining us here at scienceblogs soon–so welcome!…

Bazell says “quit whining”

NBC’s science and health correspondent, Robert Bazell, has an opinion piece today on MSNBC: Stop whining about intelligent design. Scientists should stop whining about threats to the teaching of evolution and spend more time discussing values. I should note here that most of the piece is strongly supportive of teaching evolution. Bazell presents a very…

Scary. A woman is feared to have died from ebola after taking ill on a plane home from Africa yesterday. Passengers and crew on the flight to Heathrow are understood to be panicking that they have contracted the contagious virus. They helped the Briton when she was vomiting and bleeding. Some even shared their drinks…

Grand Rounds 2.35

Check it out over at Parallel Universes. Again, many good posts over there; in particular, I noticed one on the evolution of the polio virus and how that affects vaccination, and another on how early antibiotic use in children may affect their later development of asthma.

In the comments to my post on archaea/eukaryote/prokaryote evolution, John asked: Is this issue likely to fuel the ID crowd? Never fear…they’re on it. (Via Panda’s Thumb; more after the jump).

Obesity and your microbes

Razib mentioned here an article in the Boston Globe “which profiles researchers who suggest that variation in gut flora (the mix of bacteria) might be the cause of differences in body weight.” The comments are somewhat skeptical, and I started to write a comment on the topic but it became a bit unweildly–so I’ve added…

New Pediatric Grand Rounds

I’ve been offline all weekend, and am a day late in mentioning this, but there’s a new Pediatric Grand Rounds up over at Blog, MD.