Science & kids

I have an article up over at Skepchick on Science for kids. These are just a few things I did as a kid, or do with my kids, but feel free to chime in with other suggestions.


  1. #1 MrIzzy
    September 1, 2006

    I loved the article you wrote. While I’m not a scientist so to speak, I am in school to be an elementary school science teacher. It’s amazing how even the other people in my college courses think science is all hum-drum and difficult. My big goal is to get kids to enjoy science a little bit more, get them out the door with a different idea about how they can understand, and have fun with, the world. Thanks for the good read =o)

  2. #2 mark
    October 26, 2006

    science project for kids at WonderWhizKids helps your kids improve on basics, a grasp on fundamental concepts of science in an interactive and collaborative environment.

    science project for kids

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