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Carnival of the Pozitivities

Scienceblogs’ coturnix is hosting this month’s edition of Carnival of Pozitivities, collecting posts on HIV/AIDS from around the blogosphere. Check it out for a number of excellent posts, including this post on HIV, senior citizens, and how politics affects HIV education.

Every parent’s nightmare

Sometimes, I’m really, really glad that I didn’t go into medicine. Via Pediatric Grand Rounds and Flea comes this story of a baby’s death from herpes encephalitis. I mentioned previously that, while I work with pathogens that have been isolated from someone who had a serious infection, or even died, it’s easy to just think…

Tangled Bank #66

Check out the best science blogging of the past two weeks over at Eastern blot. And while we’re on the subject of carnivals, Animalcules will return next week after a month’s hiatus. Send any entries you’ve written recently about all things microbiological my way for now (aetiology at gmail dot com). Since we missed a…

Grand Rounds 3.07

This week’s Grand Rounds are up over at MSSPNexus Blog –which just happens to be celebrating its second anniversary. Congrats!

Circumcision and the risk of STDs

Male circumcision is a difficult topic to discuss rationally. At the core, it’s a medical procedure, but it’s one tinged with centuries of cultural influences, and emotions tend to run high on both the pro- or anti-circumcision side of the discussion. One of the reasons that’s been given in favor of circumcision is that it…

Blogging scholarship–vote today!

There are scholarships out there for just about everything nowadays–including blogging. Scienceblogs’ own Shelley of Retrospectacle is one of this year’s finalists; head over to check out the other finalists and vote for your favorite! (And be quick about it; voting ends today!)

Apparently, it’s just not enough for this administration to push ineffective and inaccurate abstinence-only education programs for our schoolchildren. Nope–they’re also being emphasized for adults up to the age of 29, as well: If you’re single and in your 20s, the federal government wants you to steer clear of sex. That’s the new guidance for…