The most recent edition of Tangled Bank, your one-stop science blogging carnival, is up over at Living the Scientific Life.

In addition, there are a few other posts I’ve been meaning to plug:

Nick on Texas House overturning mandatory HPV vaccination.

Burt at Panda’s Thumb on Why you should care if cattle get fourth-generation cephalosporins and why doctors need to know about evolution (a takedown of this Discovery Institute essay).

And a nice follow-up to those: Mike on why antibiotic resistance matters.


  1. #1 Nick Anthis
    March 14, 2007

    Thanks for the shout out. The mandatory HPV vaccination is probably the only issue on which I’ll ever agree with Texas governor Rick Perry.

  2. #2 Almanca
    March 30, 2008


  3. #3 Almanca
    March 30, 2008


  4. #4 Almanca
    March 30, 2008


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