Good epidemiology resource

I keep saying I’m going to update my blogroll, and really, one of these days I’ll get to it. In the meantime, I’ll keep highlighting a few of the sites that I’ll be adding. One of these is Epidemiologic Inquiry, kind of one-stop-shopping for epidemiologists. The site includes updates on epi and research matters and links to other sources of information (such as a list of textbooks), and also has job and fellowship boards.


  1. #1 Dean Morrison
    June 8, 2007

    Well the word ‘epidemiology’ is an excuse for me to remark that the relentless smear campaign of early ‘skepchick’ Rachel Carson has even reached the shores of the UK.

    ‘Bug girl’ provides a sterling defence here:

    and here:

  2. #2 Nat
    June 11, 2007

    Thanks for the epi site link. Hadn’t heard of it. Ta.