Christine Maggiore dies from pneumonia at age 52

Well, shit. Just as I mentioned ERV’s post on HIV denial today, I read over at Respectful Insolence that Christine Maggiore has died from pneumonia. Maggiore, you may recall, made national news by refusing to take AZT while pregnant (although she was HIV positive). Her daughter, Eliza Jane, died at the age of 3 in 2005 from AIDS-related pneumonia. It would appear that her mother succumbed to the same illness:

According to officials at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, she had been treated for pneumonia in the last six months. Because she had recently been under a doctor’s care, no autopsy will be performed unless requested by the family, they said. Her husband, Robin Scovill, could not be reached for comment.

As Orac notes, this is a tragedy on many levels. Maggiore and Eliza Jane both could have been on medications that would have allowed them to live essentially normal lives; now, a father and a young son are left to go on after the preventable deaths of half of their family. Maggiore also has devoted the past decade to spreading the notion that HIV does not cause AIDS, encouraging HIV positive mothers like herself to breast feed and refuse antiretroviral medications. And while Maggiore may be gone, that legacy lingers. My heart goes out to her family.