As good news surfaces regarding a new (well, old) potential drug to help combat malaria–a drug already used to treat river blindness–KeithB and Phil Scheibel alerted me to another old malaria fighter featuring Dopey, Sneezy, and the whole gang:

Other Disney disease-fighting videos include Water, Friend or Enemy, Insects as Carriers of Disease and Hookworm. A list of other wartime shorts is here.


  1. #1 WIll
    July 8, 2011

    Tiny criminal lol

  2. #2 German Santanilla
    July 8, 2011

    When I was a kid in Colombia I used to love these film to pieces!

  3. #3 Ken
    July 28, 2011

    That is an adorable and informative video but the potential drug to combat this disease is very exciting and hopeful! Please keep us posted on this new drug.

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