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The Microbiology of Zombies series

Part I: the microbiology of zombies Part II: ineffective treatments and how not to survive the apocalypse Part III: “We’re all infected” Part IV: hidden infections Part V: beware the bite?

New article on human-animal infections

Have a new article up today on Medscape (free registration required) on human-animal infections: a primer for clinicians. 

While I loved Jeanne Garbarino’s recent post, “Want to promote women in STEM? Leave home life out of the discussion“, and agree with probably 90% of it, I think it unfortunately goes from one extreme to another with some of her recommendations. Garbarino notes several reasons why she thinks it’s counter-productive to discuss home life…

Regular readers keeping up on infectious disease issues might have seen Seth Mnookin’s post yesterday, warning of an upcoming episode of the Katie Couric show  focusing on the HPV vaccine. Even though Mnookin previously spoke with a producer at length regarding this topic, the promo for the show certainly did not look promising: “The HPV…