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Tuesday reads

A few other topics readers here may appreciate: First and foremost, this week’s Grand Rounds can be found over at Over my med body!. Next week, however, it will be hosted right here at Aetiology for the second time, so send your posts along to me (aetiology AT gmail DOT com), preferably by Sunday evening.…

New carnivals….

Check out a very clever Tangled Bank over at Greg Laden’s place, and the latest Skeptics’ Circle (Solstice edition!) at Relatively Science.

It’s that time again. Check out the latest edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds over at Med Journal Watch, while the original version of Grand Rounds can be found this week at code blog: tales of a nurse (set up as a very cute advice column).

Grand Rounds 3.38

I’m on the road today, literally–driving from Iowa to Ohio with kids and dogs in tow. (Well, okay, not exactly in tow–I do allow them to ride *inside* the car). I have a post scheduled for a bit later, but in the meantime, hop on over and check out not one, but two versions of…

New blog carnivals available

Check out the latest editions of: Pediatric Grand Rounds Grand Rounds Tangled Bank

While I’m still getting caught up on work from time at the conference and the holiday, check out the latest edition of Grand Rounds over at From Med Skool.

Latest carnivals

This week’s Grand Rounds is a real treat. Rather than just being a “best of” writing for the recent week, contributors were asked to dig through the archives and send in the posts that best defined their blog, a sample of their best writing (in their own opinion, of course). Check out the results here…

…check it out over at Ami Chopine–thanks to Shinga for sending along my entry on a little boy’s brush with death following his father’s smallpox vaccination. Lots of excellent posts collected over there; check em out. However, what may be the most notable, well, note, is that Dr. Flea has flown the coop. There are…

I’m in DC again at the American Institute of Biological Sciences meeting, hearing all about evolutionary biology and human health. It’s been busy, but yesterday I ran into fellow sciencebloggers Chris Mooney (who was giving his “Framing science” talk along with Matt Nisbet, who I didn’t have a chance to meet). I also saw Jason…

Carnival barking

I’ve been remiss in linking carnivals lately, but here are a few fresh this week: Tangled Bank #79 at Epigenetics News Pediatric Grand Rounds can be found at The Wait and The Wonder And Grand Rounds is up over at The Blog that Ate Manhattan.