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Clark has a meta-carnival up, highlighting some of the most interesting posts from the first year of the Pediatric Grand Rounds Carnival. Talk about one-stop shopping!

Tangled Bank #77

Welcome to another edition of Tangled Bank, a round-up of the best science blogging of the past fortnight:

Tangled Bank–final call

Just a reminder that Tangled Bank will be hosted here at Aetiology on Wednesday. Send your best science writing along me at aetiology AT gmail DOT com by Tuesday afternoon for inclusion.

A few submissions have already rolled in for next week’s Tangled Bank, hosted here at Aetiology. Send your best science writing along me at aetiology AT gmail DOT com by next Tuesday the 10th for inclusion in Wednesday’s carnival.

Latest Skeptics’ Circle

Check it out over at Scientia Natura.

The most recent edition of Tangled Bank, your one-stop science blogging carnival, is up over at Living the Scientific Life. In addition, there are a few other posts I’ve been meaning to plug: Nick on Texas House overturning mandatory HPV vaccination. Burt at Panda’s Thumb on Why you should care if cattle get fourth-generation cephalosporins…

Carnival barking

I was planning on writing up this aforementioned talk for this afternoon’s post, but there ended up being so much to say about it (and not enough time, alas, as I have to run to a faculty meeting shortly) that I’ll save it until Monday. (I *will* say that it was jaw-dropping, but not in…

Find the best science writing of the fortnight over at Lab Cat.

Babelicious Grand Rounds

Check out this week’s medical blogging roundup over at Chronic Babe, and bring your sweet tooth.

Tangled Bank #72

Slipped my mind that this was today, but check out what others have been blogging about in the latest edition of Tangled Bank at Ouroboros.