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The great ScienceBlogger Nerd-off

So, Janet’s thrown down the gauntlet, noting that “the time has come to see just how high those geek flags fly.” She’s already collected a bunch of them here, so for my own, I’ll submit a few anecdotes. First, admittedly, I know jack shit about computers, so I absolutely lose in that category. But, I’ve…

Hug Jesus, or get diseases

I swear, it’s so hard to tell sometimes what’s sincere and what’s parody. There’s some really good stuff, like the classic Landover Baptist or WinAce’s organisms that look designed. There’s the sincere-but-looks-like-a-parody, like Dr. Dino or Answers in Genesis. Then there’s stuff that just makes me scratch my head, like this page:

So, the buzz on ScienceBlogs today is science blogger hot or not. It cracks me up that a few people have mentioned me and thanks y’all, but I was always more comfortable with my identity as a quiz bowl nerd anyway (and apparently a picture on technorati was the inclusion criteria, which I never bothered…

Baaaa baaaa

Peer pressure is a terrible thing. See Steinn’s, Bora’s, and the instigator’s, Josh’s, and make your own here.

The real Pluto controversy

Yeah, yeah, so a bunch of astronomers and stuff are arguing about whether Pluto is a planet or not. But Kevin over at Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge gives the low-down on the real Pluto controversy.

Must be a slow news day

Workers at candy company see form of Virgin Mary in chocolate:

So, msnbc has a story about a waitress who was given her own–previously stolen–driver’s license from a customer who was trying to prove she was 21. The 22-year-old waitress, whose name was not released, called police last week and said she had been handed her own stolen driver’s license by a woman trying to prove…

Iowa solves the fuel crisis

It ain’t ethanol…

Ode to brevity

Summary of the comments on this thread in 6 exchanges, for your amusement.

The great American divide

No, it’s not religion. Or politics. What, then?