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Argument from fire extinguisher

Rebecca over at Memoirs of a Skepchick makes an excellent argument against the new HPV vaccine:

Creationist FAQ

Busy today, so I’ve just now had a chance to glance through the blog carnivals I mentioned earlier. Via The Skeptics’ Circle comes A Creationist FAQ from the Science Creative Quarterly. Too funny:

Xtreme Xperiments

You may recall the exploding Mentos and diet coke experiment I mentioned awhile back. Wanna see some people with way too much time on their hands take it to the extreme? Check it out at Hat tip to Burt Humburg

Wrong again

Once again, I’m wrong. I said yesterday that HIV deniers accused scientists of thinking of Robert Gallo as a deity. Silly, silly me–my mistake. Turns out he’s just a high preist:


I always knew there was something fishy about that Lorax character.

Saturday roundup

Just a few things that have either been sitting in my drafts box and I know I won’t have a chance to get to, or stuff I saw elsewhere that deserves a mention. Check out this excellent (and hilarious) post by Skip Evans on creationists and boobies. I’ve posted previously here about our eagles here…

Classic–scroll down to the May 3rd edition. Hat tip to Wallace–thanks!

Have mercy, Peter Cottontail!

In line with the Jesus door, Ocellated brings you a giant fire-breathing rabbit.

Mentos, the fizz maker

I am soooo going to show this trick to my kids. Candy + pop + science = perfect combination. Even better than sparking wintergreen lifesavers. (And this one doesn’t involve blowing up stuff that could actually, y’know, really harm you). And finally, since I’ve not participated in poetry pimpin’ at Scienceblogs yet, I offer an…

You talk to your expectorated matter. In “science-ese.” At least, by that post anyway, there’s no evidence it was expected to reply…