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A “gut feeling” about H5N1

As usual, EffectMeasure is one step ahead of me. A news report came out yesterday suggesting that influenza may infect people through the gut. At least 4 routes of evidence suggest this possibility. 1) In birds, influenza is an intestinal infection. 2) Several cases of H5N1 have presented with diarrhea, generally uncommon in human influenza…

Grand Rounds reminder

Just another reminder– I’m hosting Grand Rounds next week. I’ll accept entries until Monday at 8PM EST. Remember that this carnival isn’t just open to doctors and nurses–if you’ve written a post about disease, or some new advance in basic biomedical research, send it along!

So, much attention has been drawn to my comment pointing out that Rebecca Culshaw is a mathematician (well, isn’t she?), while my elaboration in my very next comment was ignored. So I thought I’d take some time to highlight this, and discuss the problems in general with arguments from authority. Let me review a bit:

Tangled Bank #48

Welcome to Tangled Bank #48! Tons of good stuff to share with you today. I considered a number of themes, including the invisible theme (aka, none at all), but decided on “songs by groups that may have been in my iPod in high school (if iPods had been invented then).” Not that I have an…