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The collision of science and music

Lane N, Graudins A. “Punk” rock can be bad for you: a case of surgical emphysema from a “punk” rocker’s leather jacket. Emerg Med J. 2006 Jun;23(6):e35.

Sheena is a “punk” rocker / Sheena is a “punk” rocker / Sheena is a “punk” rocker with a hole in her chest

le Roux FH, Bouic PJ, Bester MM. The effect of Bach’s magnificat on emotions, immune, and endocrine parameters during physiotherapy treatment of patients with infectious lung conditions. J Music Ther. 2007 Summer;44(2):156-68.

Apparently if you have a serious lung infection, listening to Bach will boost your immune system, make you less tense, happier, and more fatigued. No surprise on that last one.

Dalla Bella S, Giguere JF, Peretz I. Singing proficiency in the general population. J Acoust Soc Am. 2007 Feb;121(2):1182-9.

The authors of this paper claim that most people can carry a tune. *Insert lame American Idol joke here*

Jenkins JS. The lost voice: a history of the castrato. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2000;13 Suppl 6:1503-8.

Ah, the castrato. Nothing like cutting a dude’s balls off just so he can sing really high.

Kinra S, Okasha M. Unsafe sax: cohort study of the impact of too much sax on the mortality of famous jazz musicians. BMJ. 1999 Dec 18-25;319(7225):1612-3. No abstract available.

Get it? Instead of sex, they said sax! Unsafe sax! Ho ho! Sax, as in a saxophone, because they are jazz musicians! So funny! Ha ha!

Erickson TB, Aks SE, Koenigsberg M, Bunney EB, Schurgin B, Levy P. Drug use patterns at major rock concert events. Ann Emerg Med. 1996 Jul;28(1):22-6.

Newsflash – the use of illegal drugs and alcohol is commonplace at rock concerts. Blows the mind, don’t it? I’m so glad that someone wrote a paper on this finding! Also, they selected concerts by Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, and the Rolling Stones, so I believe aging boomer is a confounding variable.


  1. #1 Toaster Sunshine
    March 3, 2008

    Bach is still cool!

    I was in a chamber orchestra playing the ‘vivace’ movement from his double violin concerto in d minor (http://magnatunes.com/artists/albums/lara-bach/hifi_play [Track 7]) on cello, and it was much cooler than anything modern. Metallica and Britney Spears can go suck on that.

    I will admit that some of Bach’s stuff can be slow, but the majority of it is really cool stuff (e.g., the Kunst der Fuege series, most of the concertos, and the Six Solo Cello Suites).

  2. #2 passionlessDrone
    March 4, 2008

    Curious as to why there are no studies on drug and alcohol use at symphonies. Those are the craziest.

  3. #3 Nix
    March 10, 2008

    Ah, Christmas BMJs. Gotta love ’em. 🙂

    (mind you, putting such articles here is like publishing articles from AIR. They’re ha-ha only-serious, y’know.)

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