A Good Poop

Oh, the places you’ll find dead people!

I really wanted to make a Sixth Sense joke in the title of this post, but thankfully I managed to overcome my deep-seated desire to fill this blog with nine year old pop culture references and decided that classic Seuss was the way to go. Now to offend some of you.

Catanese G, Bloom T. Recovery of a mummified pregnant woman from a 55-gallon drum more than 30 years after her death. Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 2002 Sep;23(3):245-7.

Well, the next time I have to dispose of the body of some chick I knocked up and then knocked out, I’m going drum shopping.

People, dead pregnant women jokes are the new dead baby jokes, try and keep up.

Preuss J, Strehler M, Dressler J, Risse M, Anders S, Madea B. Dumping after homicide using setting in concrete and/or sealing with bricks–six case reports. Forensic Sci Int. 2006 May 25;159(1):55-60. Epub 2005 Nov 15.

Concrete sounds like less work. Just mix and pour, none of that bricklaying shit.

Hayashiba Y, Fukuyama T, Kita T, Shintaku K, Furuya Y. [Scalp hairs of a mummified body found in a space under a factory boiler chimney] Igaku Kenkyu. 1983 Mar;53(2):105-10. Japanese. No abstract available.

Haruki didn’t come home from work one day. And no one ever saw him again. Until they found his mummified corpse beneath a boiler chimney.

Schumann M, Barz J, Bonte W. [Disposal of the corpse by cement encapsulation and submersion in water] Arch Kriminol. 1995 Jan-Feb;195(1-2):18-26. German.

Dudes, the Mob does this all the time! Haven’t you seen Dick Tracy? That shit gave me nightmares for weeks! Er, a couple of nights. And I definitely didn’t wet the bed twice in that time, no sir.

Dressler J, Madea B. Dumping of victims in walls. Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 2005 Sep;26(3):250-3. Review.

How exactly do you get the body into the wall? Does it involve as much sawing and drywalling as I think it does?


  1. #1 Tara C. Smith
    March 13, 2008

    I watch too much Law & Order. I think they’ve had episodes on almost all of these, including dumping a victim in a wall–in that episode (L&O SVU, I believe), they constructed a new wall in a bathroom, added the victim, then poured kitty litter over him to absorb the smell.

  2. #2 Dana Houston
    March 14, 2008

    I did see that episode.

    I would like to purchase some kitty litter that is that good at absorbing foul odors. 😀

  3. #3 Jon H
    March 14, 2008

    I can’t believe none of the journal authors put a Poe joke in their title.

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